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The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness
Gnostic Myths Behind Jung's Theory of Individuation

The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness


The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness is the first book to specifically illustrate how the major Gnostic myths underlie Jung’s theory of individuation. It is a compelling and in-depth examination of a life-changing journey that begins with the author discovering the forgotten secrets of the Gnostics. These secrets are gradually unveiled as the author and his loyal dog, Gold, are initiated, each in their own way, to put the ancient knowledge into practice. Dr. Lloyd explores the esoteric side of Carl Jung and reveals the connections between Jung’s pivotal theory of individuation, i.e. the journey to wholeness, and the powerful, visionary myths told by the pioneers of the psyche, the Gnostics. He details what happens to a person who is on the road to wholeness, how the person will change, and how a new divine-human identity will be born into the world as a result of undertaking this transformational odyssey.

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The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness

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Book Review of The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness

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