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oyster.gif (5753 bytes)As Gnostics, we are dedicated to the search for Divine knowledge.   This Divine knowledge, or Gnosis, is known in certain myths as the Pearl.  Once we have found the Pearl, our minds will be open to understanding our true natures, the reality of this world, and our divine potential.  The Pearl can also show us that change is possible and that we do not need to live in this world subject to negative forces but we can fill our lives with power and peace.  Ultimately, the Pearl will open even more realms of knowledge and light beyond our imaginations.

The search for the Pearl will take us on a journey, a journey of self-discovery and spiritual mastery.  This journey has been taken by many Gnostics, ancient and modern.  We can learn much from the ancient Gnostics.  Their spiritual experiences are just as pertinent today as they ever were.  Much of this website will be dedicated to exploring the experiences and myths of the ancients.  On the other hand, we cannot ignore the experiences and spiritual insights of those who are seeking Gnosis today.   Our modern teachers and spiritual masters can be especially helpful in encouraging us to make the journey so that we can find the Pearl for ourselves.   No two people will follow the same path on this journey.

As Christian Gnostics, we use all the tools we can to help us on our spiritual journey.  Some of the tools we use are the following:

We feel that we have something special to offer.  Our mission is to help others to find the Pearl and to experience the peace and happiness that comes with it. 

Please take some time to read our on-line offerings.  Also, you can visit our online community in MSN Groups, Gnostic Church of the Pearl. This community has discussions, a photo album, and chat. We hope that fellow Gnostics can use it to discuss subjects of interest and to meet others with similar beliefs. I would encourage anyone with questions to check this site out first. Chances are that your question has been answered in one of the discussions. Click here to join.

Feel free to contact us (questions@thepearl.org) if you have any questions or would like to know more.  This site is updated periodically with new material so keep checking back.

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