1. These are the sayings of the living Jesus, recorded by Tomas, who is called Didymus. Whoever learns the inner meaning of these truths will live forever in the Eternal Sea.
  2. Jesus said, "Everyone who seeks should continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will be troubled at the contemplation of Truth, but when he has passed through the time of trouble, he will be astonished at the brightness of the Light, for the Way of Truth is the Pathway to the Eternal Godhead, and the price of the beatific vision is the wringing of the soul. The person who desires to rise above all things must descend below all things, for the way to the heights passes through the depths of anguish, which generate the fires of Life. The person who has suffered and found Life is blessed."
  3. Jesus said, "If you say that the abode of the Gods is in the sky, the birds will arrive there before you. If you say it is in the sea, the fish will arrive there before you. Know that the heavenly realm is both inside you and outside you, and you will know that which is outside by that which is inside. When you have found the Light within yourselves, you will know as you are known. Then you will know that you are the children of the Living Parents and that your destiny is to be as they are. The person who knows not himself, is poor in Spirit, for he is his own poverty."
  4. Jesus said, "Unless you become like little children, you cannot know the meaning of Life, for your minds must be cleared of the falsehoods of this realm if you are to be taught Eternal Truth."
  5. Jesus said, "I am the door; the person who enters by me will find Eternal bliss. I am the bed; the person who lies on me will enter perpetual rest. I am the Light; the person who sees by me will view all things."
  6. Jesus said, "The Way of the Prophets is a trail of tears. I have commissioned you to be prophets to this generation. Consequently, they will ridicule and revile you, saying all kinds of bad things about you. What? Don't you know that they have always rejected the prophets whom I have sent among them? Yes, I tell you the truth when I say that even those who follow the prophets do not understand them, for they speak of the things of the Spirit, which cannot be apprehended by the physical mind. The prophet is alone with the Eloheim, for of all mortals, it is he who sees the reality which he cannot convey to his people. Lonely is the Way of the prophet, but if he brings one soul one step closer to Light, all his loneliness and grief is justified, for great will be his joy in the heavenly realm, and he will become a great company at the seat of the Highest."
  7. Jesus said, "The person who stands alone will be with the Eloheim; the person who is with the Eloheim will stand alone."
  8. Jesus said, "Many of you think that I have come to establish peace in the physical realm. I will not bring peace, but dissension, fire, sword, and war. Families will be divided because of me; friends will stop associating with one another, nations will join in battle. Yes, those who would follow me must be willing to forsake everything, and to stand alone, if they would inherit the realm of my Parents."
  9. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the Way, because you must walk in my footsteps to reach the seat of the Eternal; the Truth, because I am the Eternal God, the Totality of All That Is; the Life, because the Tree of Life, grounded in the Earthly Mother and ascending to the Heavenly Father, is nourished in my blood."
  10. Jesus said, "Learn the meaning of the creation which surrounds you, and you will perceive the mysteries hidden from your sight, for Eternal Truth is recorded on all that exists. I tell you the truth when I say that there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed to the person who can read the creation of the Eloheim."
  11. The disciples questioned Jesus concerning the Way of Life: "How should we fast? In what manner should we pray? How should our alms be given? What dietary law should we observe?" Jesus said, "I will instruct you in all these matters, but first you must put off your love of the lie, the false way of life followed by the children of this plane of existence, and be converted, changed so that you hate that which you have previously loved, and love that which you have previously hated. Then I will be able to show you all things, for there is nothing hidden which will not be manifested when you have put on the mind of Truth."
  12. Mary of Bethany asked him, "Will the thirst for knowledge ever be quenched?" Jesus said, "When once you have drunk from the spring of knowledge, you will return again and again, for each time your thirst is satisfied, a new thirst will grow, greater than the first. The more you drink, the greater will be your desire to drink, but in the intensity of your desire, you will be filled. I tell you the truth when I say that whoever seeks will find, and the finding will cause him to seek, but in the seeking is hidden the meaning of Life."


  1. Jesus said, "I have ignited a spark in this world, and I will nourish it until it blazes into Eternal Light."
  2. Jesus said, "The shadows of this world are perceived by mortals, and they think they know Truth, but the Reality which casts the shadows is hidden from them, and they do not perceive the Light. I tell you the truth when I say that only when you perceive shadows as shadows, and search the Light, will you perceive the Reality which is God."
  3. Jesus said, "This earth and the planets surrounding it will pass away, and everything will become new. Consider this: In the beginning, you were organized as one body, but when you became two, the illusion of separateness entered the physical plane. Now you are many, and this illusion abounds. Listen to what I'm saying! You must become a solitary person before me, if you want to dwell on the new planets and the new earth which I will create. Those who are enlightened will understand what I'm saying."
  4. Simon Peter asked him, "When you have departed from us, who will give us Light?" Jesus replied, "When I am gone, you should look to John, who will show you all the things which are hidden in me. Nevertheless, I tell you, Simon, that you are Peter [meaning Rock], and you will be a Rock [or foundation] to my Body. I have given you James and John to be your ministers, to guide you in the Way of Life, for they will reveal to you the order and desires of those who dwell on the heavenly plane. I will build my Body on this Rock of Light, so that the gates of darkness will never be able to encompass it. Amen."
  5. Watching the crowds wandering in the marketplace, Jesus said to Mary Magdaline, "Look at them; they are sheep without a shepherd, for they refuse to hear my voice. The Good Shepherd calls to them, but they reject his barn, wandering in darkness until they are consumed by the wolves and the bears."
  6. Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" Simon Peter said to him, "You are the Ruler of Israel." Matthew said, "You are the Greatest of Prophets." John said, "You are that which cannot be named." Jesus said to John, "I tell you the truth when I say that no mortal has taught you this, but you have been instructed through the Light." Then Jesus took him apart and showed him the mysteries of Life, the power of unity through which mortals join the Eloheim. When John returned to the disciples, they desired from him the knowledge Jesus had imparted. John spoke up and said to them, "If I were to reveal to you at this time the mysteries into which I have been initiated by the Master, you would pick up stones and slay me, and you would be guilty of the innocent blood. Continue seeking, so that you, too, can attain this knowledge and enter into Life."
  7. Jesus said, "No prophet is revered as a prophet among those who know him best, for the shadow of his life eclipses the brightness of his radiant Light. Even his disciples will not know his true nature until he has passed beyond their reach."
  8. Jesus said, "The people of this generation revere the dead prophets while rejecting the living ones. It has been so in every generation. The children of those who persecute you will build monuments to your memory."
  9. Jesus said, "When the outer has become as the inner, and the lower as the upper, then will this world find peace."
  10. Nathaniel asked him, "When you have left the mortal plane, how will we know the Parents?" Jesus said, "The Parents are within you. Learn yourself, and you will know me and my Parents, so that where we are, you can be also. You are the sons of the Eloheim. Should the son not be like his Father? You are the daughters of the Eloheim. Should the daughter not be like her Mother? Be careful that you do not pollute your birthright."
  11. Jesus said, "Mortals have been created to dwell in the Garden of Delights. All else is death. Find that Garden where the Parents have placed the Fountain of Love, and you will live forever in bliss."
  12. Jesus said, "In the Garden of Jehovah stands the holy Tree of Life. High in its branches sings a bird. Listen for the voice of the bird, for when you are properly aligned with heaven and earth, she will tell you all things."


  1. Jesus said, "I go to my Parents so that I can bring you to them. Do not weep at my death, for it is my hour of triumph. I am the Great High Priest. When I ascend the cross, I will break the satans' power forever."
  2. Mary Magdaline said to him, "Lord, it is hard to think of you on the cross." Jesus said, "Yes, Mary, a sword will pierce your own soul also, but it is the forerunner of great joy. You also will die in a distant land at the hands of unholy mortals, but death is not the enemy. Live life in joy and welcome death in peace. Then will you be one with me."
  3. Jesus said, "He who takes up the sword will perish by the sword. Do you think that evil can be overcome by evil, or violence by violence? The Way of Peace requires courage and patience, but it will prevail."
  4. Simon the Patriot asked him, "Master, if the gentiles exercise authority over us by the sword, and we take not up the sword to throw of their yoke, how will the divine realm be established?" Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, Simon, when I say that the heavenly realm is within you. Only when you have established the divine realm within, and overcome the demons of doubt and fear, will you discern the key to the establishment of the realm of the Eloheim on the physical plane."
  5. Jesus said, "When the Comforter has come, whom I will send to you, he will lead you into all Truth. Search the Light within your souls, for there will you find the reality of all things."
  6. Jesus said to Nathaniel, "You will see angels descending to minister to the Son of Man, and the heavenly realm itself will be opened to you, so that you can understand the meaning of all things." Nathaniel said, "Lord, if I learn the meaning of all things, surely I will die." Jesus said, "Have I not given to you my mind, Nathaniel, so that you could comprehend all things? Do not fear the acquisition of knowledge, for that which you learn now will bless you in the life which is coming."
  7. Elizabeth asked him, "Master, why has woman been made unequal with man?" Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, Elizabeth, when I say that in the beginning the Eloheim created mortals male and female; they were one body, perfectly united and absolutely equal. Through the Fall came disparity, and under the Fall there must always be division and disharmony and inequity. Only when you are redeemed from the Fall will male and female cease to exist, for you will become a perfect whole, accomplishing a single work. Only then will the purposes of the Parents be accomplished in the renewal of the physical realm. It is for this reason that I make the female male, and the male female, so that you may be in the physical realm as the Parents are in the heavenly realm."
  8. Philip said to him, "Lord, show us the Parents." Jesus said to him, "Have I been with you for this long time, Philip, and you still do not know me? He who has seen me has seen the Parents. Look, I am the Father of your Salvation, and the Father of Fathers dwells in me, as he will dwell in you through the power of the Covenant. Amen."
  9. Jesus said, "He who looks at a woman, desiring to possess her, has adulterated their relationship already in his heart, for out of the heart proceeds every wrong which afflicts the souls of mortals. If you would not conceive of wrongness, wrongness would not conceive in your hearts. Purify your hearts of the desire to do wrong, and your deeds will also be pure before your Parents, who know all things."
  10. Elizabeth asked him, "Master, how can a person purify his heart of the desire to do wrong?" Jesus said, "By thinking right thoughts, which lead to deeds of righteousness. The mind of the Child of Light will be filled with Light, the peaceable things of the heavenly realm. He who dwells on wrongness will dwell in wrongness. The person who is enlightened will understand what I am saying."
  11. Simon the Patriot said to him, "Lord, we are surrounded by wrongness every moment of our lives. Why do you say that we need not dwell in wrongness?" Jesus said, "You hear my words, Simon, but you do not perceive their meaning. As a person thinks in his heart, so is he and so is the world in which he dwells. Every person creates his own world, according to that which he fears and that which he loves."
  12. Simon Peter said, "There is so much wrong in the world; how can the world be made pure?" Jesus said, "Purify your own hearts, and the world will become pure."


  1. Jesus said to the multitude, "You come to me seeking bread, but when you have eaten the bread you seek, you will be hungry again. Look, I am the Bread of Life. He who eats my body will neither be hungry nor thirsty again. Come to me, all you who are hungry, and you will eat the fruit of Eternal Lives."
  2. Andrew asked him, "Lord, what is the fruit of Eternal Lives?
  3. Jesus said to him, "Do you not yet know me, Andrew? Look, my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink, for he who eats and drinks of me will never die. And the fruit which I give, the fruit of Eternal Lives, is that Spirit of Peace and Love and Joy and Patience which I have received from my Parents."
  4. Nathaniel asked, "Lord, who are the Parents?"
  5. Jesus said, "I am your Father, Nathaniel, but I have a Father who is greater than I. From him I have received all things, and I do only his will. That which I have seen my Father do, is what I do. Therefore, Nathaniel, he who knows me, knows the Parents, for I am in the Parents, and the Parents are in me, and the Parents and I are one. The deeds which I do, I do not do by myself, but the Parents, who are in me, do those deeds. Look, Nathaniel, you should follow me, for in all my deeds, I show you the Parents."
  6. Jesus took his disciples to the shore of the lake. "Observe those who fish," he said; "they wait patiently until the net is full before they draw it in, and they gather fish of every sort. Some they take home with joy, while others are returned to the lake. Nor is every fish which passes through the net caught up with the net when it is taken into the boat. It will be the same with you, if you are to be fishers of mortals. You must wait patiently until the seeker is ready to be brought within the Church. Many whom you instruct will never be brought in, and of those brought in, many will return to the world. Nevertheless, one from a city and two from a region, you will gather the true believers who worship the Parents in Spirit and in Truth. I tell you truly, these are the ones who will overcome the world and inherit all things."
  7. Jesus said, "Mortals go to war so that they can inherit dust. It is because their vision is distorted by the followers of the lie that they value that which is nothing. In destruction there is no victory but for darkness. The power of victory is not force but Love."
  8. Jesus said, "As light disperses darkness, so does Love swallow up hatred, and it is no more."
  9. Jesus said, "The power of hate is strong, but Love conquers all. God is Love."
  10. Jesus said, "The glories of this realm last only a moment; the glories of the heavenly realm abide forever."


  1. Jesus said, "I have come so that you might have Life, for the ways of mortals are living death, but the Way of the Eloheim is deathless Life. The person who walks the Way I walk, though he may die, will live forever, for he cannot be overcome. Death is swallowed up in the victory of Life."
  2. Jesus said, "In me, all things become one, for everything that is not of me is illusion and will pass away. Only Light abides, for Light is Truth, and Truth has no end. I tell you the truth when I say that I am the Way, the Truth, the Light, and the Life. Walk in me, and you will abide forever, for you will be even as I AM."
  3. Jesus said, "I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. Not through seeking will you find me, but through Peace. Nevertheless, through seeking you will find yourselves, and then will you know the Eloheim."
  4. A rich young leader of the Jews, coming to Jesus at night, asked him, "Good Master, what must I do to be saved?"
  5. Jesus said to him, "Why do you call me good? Only the Gods are good, for they are Light, so if I am good, then I am a God, for I am Light. Search that Light within yourself, for it is your goodness and the power of your salvation, when charged with the free gift of the Son of the Eloheim. When you live according to the commandments of the Law, it is the Light that performs your good deeds."
  6. The young man said to Jesus, "I have lived according to the Law ever since my youth."
  7. Jesus looked at him lovingly, for he saw the integrity of his soul and the bonds by which they were united before the foundations of the physical realm were laid.
  8. Then Jesus said to him, "Only one thing remains for you to do. Forsake all that you have in the physical realm, and come with me into Eternal Bliss."
  9. But the young man went away sorrowing, because his heart was in bondage to the physical things.
  10. Jesus wept, for he loved the young man and knew the glorious Light he had possessed with the Parents long ago. Mary said to him, "Master, you offered him everything that you have; yet he has left you. That is really sad." Jesus said to her, "Yes, Mary, for this one I have a special love, but my heart grieves for every soul who does not come to the Light. My heart is heavy when I consider the weight of all mankind resting on me." Mary said to him, "Lord, I will help you bear the weight." Jesus said, "Yes, Mary, we will lift up each other so that we can bear all things. As for this young man, we will claim him, for of all that I have been given, none will be lost, because the Light is in them, and eventually they will come to the Eloheim. Let us rejoice in the power of the Highest, who redeems all mankind when they are ready to be saved."
  11. Jesus said, "Pure Love is a flood which covers all things. Nothing can stand against it, for it flows from the Eternal Sea."
  12. Jesus said to Mary of Bethany, "The true Love, which comes from the heavenly realm, can never die. It will withstand all storms, all temptations, all powers. It will not vary, either to the right hand or to the left. Seek this Love, Mary, for it is the gift of the Eloheim to those whose hearts are pure."
  13. Jesus said to the disciples, "If you love me, live by the principles which I have taught you, for Love cannot rebel, but seeks total unity and perfect peace."
  14. Jesus said, "You walk in mists of darkness, which is the heritage of this realm, but inside, you have a Light which burns with Eternal Fire. This will light your Way to the Eloheim."
  15. Jesus said, "Raise your children in Love and Truth. Cover them with Love and show them the Way of Life through your godly example, so that they will not have cause to depart from it."

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