1. This the Book of Enoch, those things that he saw, heard, and learned, which were revealed to him from the Gods of the heavenly plane.

  2. I, Enoch, was called by the Eloheim to their ministry when I was sixty-five years old. At that time, while I was traveling about, a voice spoke to me, instructing me to preach the principles of Truth throughout the mortal plane. I was reluctant to preach, because I could not speak well, and I had no reason to think that others would listen to me, but I was instructed by the voice to anoint my eyes with wet clay and, when I did, I could see into the spiritual realm. I perceived the Reality underlying this creation, and I saw that the principles that my parents had taught me originated in Truth. I rejoiced in Jehovah’s word and in the promises that I received of Eternal Life through the merits of the Messiah, who would descend to the mortal plane from the spiritual realm.

  3. These things were shown to me by the angel messengers of the Eloheim; they were my teachers, revealing to me the nature of mankind and the Plan of Redemption, which the Eloheim had prepared to rescue mortals from darkness, to which they enslave themselves because of the illusions which they believe.

  4. From the angels, I learned that the time will come when all the spirits which await mortality on this earth, will have been born. Then the earth will be enveloped in Fire, melting like a honeycomb that is placed in a flame. All the physical creation will be destroyed, but that which is good and full of Light will afterward be renewed. There will be new planets and a new earth, on which those who are centered in propriety will dwell with the Angel of Peace forever. The elect will be preserved through the mercy of the Son of the Eloheim; they will dwell among the Gods, filled with the Light of the Godhead, and they will be happy and blessed forever.

  5. Before that time, the Son of the Eloheim will descend, with multitudes of his saints, to govern mankind, destroying that which is of darkness, so that the inhabitants of the earth will enjoy an age of Light for a thousand years. Then the illusions of darkness will vanish before the Light of Truth. The satans will be bound, for they will no longer have power to deceive mortal minds. The knowledge of Truth will cover the earth, and darkness will be banished until the end of time.


  1. Those who dwell in the heavenly realm know Truth. Reality is spread out before them; they can look into the heavenly planes which are above them, and the physical planes which are beneath them, perceiving the realities of existence, for Truth is continually washing over them, as the waves of the sea wash over the sands which are on the shore. They know that what appears to be is not what is, for they perceive the Reality that is hidden from mortal minds by the mists of darkness.

  2. All creation acts according to Law, for Law is the essence of the Eloheim; it is the Great God of All Other Gods. Light and darkness interact within the Law, and by the power of the Law, the children of the Eloheim are raised up to Everlasting Life or, if they reject the means of salvation when they have clearly seen it, they are immersed in Eternal darkness by the same power of the Law.

  3. It is the nature of mortals to be impatient. They will not follow Jehovah’s teachings because they cannot always see the results of those teachings immediately manifested in their lives. They do not walk with the Angel of Peace, because their minds are filled with desire; they are perpetually wanting what they do not have, and if they obtain it, they desire something else. They can never know true happiness, for they are focused on what they do not have, rather than on what they have. Being centered in desire, they can only experience suffering, for desire is the source of suffering, as peace is the source of joy.

  4. The elect, who follow the Way of the Lord of Spirits, have learned to be at peace with the Eternal Law, the Reality Which Is. They desire only Light and Truth. For that desire they must suffer, but their suffering is swallowed up in the Joy of unity with the Divine. They will be filled with Light, Joy, and Peace, and they will inherit the earth.

  5. The elect, who follow the Way of Life, will receive understanding, wisdom, and knowledge; they will learn propriety and prudence, and they will develop those Divine attributes which are shared by the Eloheim, so that they will exist forever, surrounded by all that is good.


  1. Light and darkness coexist in Eternal enmity; their warfare never ends. Even from among the Gods, there are those who have been won by darkness, rebelling against the Way in which they should walk to follow their own wills. Two hundred of the seraphim have descended to the physical plane, where they have impregnated mortal women, thinking in this way to produce a better race to inherit the earth. This is a parody of the Divine Plan, for the seraphim cannot generate the power to create Eloheim out of mortal men and women.

  2. The leader of these seraphim was Samyaza. He called them together and said to them, "We cannot succeed unless we remain united in our purpose. Join with me, then, and swear, by all the Gods of Light and Darkness, that we will remain united in our determination to overthrow the Plan of the Eloheim, so that we can initiate a better way to exalt mankind. Swear that you will do whatever you must, using whatever powers of Light or darkness you can obtain, to bring this about." So each of them swore, in the presence of the others, by all the Gods of Light and Darkness, binding themselves by many curses to carry out their plan.

  3. Descending to the mortal plane in the vicinity of Mount Armon, these seraphim began to impregnate the women of the surrounding region. The children, who were born to these women, grew to be giants, eight to ten feet tall. They had no Light in them, for their bodies were not filled by spirits from the Eloheim, but spirits of darkness entered them. These corrupted the people over whom they ruled, teaching them all kinds of impropriety, so that mankind sank deeper and deeper into darkness.


  1. Then the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Raguel, Uriel, Saraqael, and Remiel counseled together, and they appeared before the Eloheim to appeal in behalf of mankind. "Holy Ones of the Heavenly Realm," they cried, "the prayers of your children have come up to us, pleading that we will intercede with the Highest Gods. You are Lords of Lords, Gods of Gods, Rulers of Rulers. Your power and Light are Eternal, and your name is sanctified, radiating Light forever. You have organized everything that is on the physical plane, and you have absolute power over it. You know everything, and you see everything; nothing can be hidden from you. You know what the seraphim and their children are doing on the mortal plane, how they are corrupting mankind, teaching them every kind of impropriety. Those who love Truth and those who are oppressed are praying to us constantly for relief. You know everything, even before it happens. Your foreknowledge is infinite. You know that both those who are alive and those who have died are praying for the power of the seraphim and their children to be destroyed. Yet you have given us no instructions; what should we do to end this detestable situation?"

  2. Then the Highest Gods, the Great and Holy Ones, spoke to the Archangels. "The mortal plane will be cleansed of all these corruptions," they said. "It will be washed clean, for the works of darkness will destroy themselves, but we will preserve those who are centered in propriety to repopulate the mortal plane and perpetuate the Holy Order of the Eloheim there. The seraphim have thought they could create a race of superior beings, but they cannot do it, for that which is not Light, is darkness, and darkness has no Life in it. Only the Eternal Plan of Light can perpetuate the race of the Gods; every other plan originates in darkness and contains the seeds of its own destruction.

  3. "These seraphim, Samyaza and his companions, have become sons of Perdition. They are now gods of darkness, and they will be banished to worlds of darkness until they cease to exist. Everything which is not Light will have an end. Every oppressor will perish from the mortal plane. Every improper thing will destroy itself, but the saints will live forever; their posterity will never end. They will live on the new earth.

  4. "At that time, no one will despoil Mother Earth. She will be covered with trees and vegetation; there will be no unfruitful ground. The earth will become a perfect garden for mankind to inhabit, as it was in the beginning of the physical plane; everyone who lives on it will live in perfect harmony with the Earthly Mother, the Heavenly Father, and all their holy angels. The earth will be purified from all oppression, all injustice, all crime, all alienation from the Divine Powers, and all the pollution which covers it. Then all mankind will be centered in propriety. All nations will be at peace. The earth will be cleansed from all corruption, every crime, all punishment, and all suffering. The treasures of the heavenly realm will be poured out on the earth, and all mankind will live in peace and equity forever."

  5. Then Remiel asked the Highest Gods, "When will these things happen?"

  6. "As soon as mankind are prepared to receive them," was the reply. "At the end of time, the gnosis of Truth will flow over the earth, until the heavenly plane and the physical plane become one. Then will all these things happen," declared the Holy Ones of Truth.


  1. After this, the Archangel Michael came to me while I was meditating in my garden. My mind was flowing into the greatness and blessing of Jehovah, God of Power and Lord of Peace, when I saw Michael, and he said to me, "Enoch, Teacher of Propriety, go to the Land of Armon, to Samyaza, the leader of those seraphim who have become gods of darkness. Say to him, `Samyaza, you have deserted your lofty place in the spiritual realm to impregnate mortal women and produce children contrary to the Divine Plan. You were in the spiritual realm, but you did not understand the mysteries that were taught you there. The Son of the Eloheim will be born on this mortal plane, but he will not be the child of a seraph, for you do not have the power to beget a Divine Son in mortality. The bodies, which you have produced, are the habitations of spirits of darkness, who create only destruction on the earth. They will be destroyed, for there is no Light in them, and you will inherit darkness for your dark deeds.'"

  2. I did as Michael had instructed me. I traveled to the Land of Armon, located Samyaza, and delivered my message. He was very angry and commanded his sons to imprison me. They did, and I was three days in the prison, but I continued to rejoice in the Eloheim with my whole soul.

  3. Then Michael came to me in the prison, and he said to me, "Enoch, Teacher of Propriety, I am your angel who stands before the Lord of Spirits. The spiritual realm is filled with angels, saints, and spirits who are centered in propriety. These hear the prayers of mortals, adding their faith to yours so that your minds can expand as far as the Eloheim. You are not alone, for the work of the inhabitants of the spiritual realm, who are devoted to the increase of Light and Truth, is to assist you to rise up and share the exaltation and Light which they have received.

  4. "You, Enoch, have been called by the Eloheim to be a Teacher of Propriety, a spiritual master to instruct those on the mortal plane concerning the principles which will enable them to become like the Eloheim. Mankind, in their natural state, are subject to the illusions of the powers of darkness. They live their lives at enmity with the Eloheim, because they are ignorant of the principles of Truth. Even when they try to do good, they frequently commit evil, because the laws of cause and effect are hidden from them by the illusions of mortal existence. You have been instructed by your parents and your ancestors in the Order of the Ancients, and the holy angels are continuing to unfold before you the Way of Life. That which you have received, you must impart to others, or it will be of no value to you.

  5. "I will take you from this prison, for the slaves of darkness have no power over you. You are called to proclaim Jehovah’s word throughout the mortal plane until the Eloheim receive you up to themselves. Go, Enoch; declare Truth. Do not fear what mortals can do to you, for you are triumphant through the power of the Eloheim who have saved you."

  6. Then Michael took me by the hand, and instantly we were standing on a hill, far from the Land of Armon, where he kissed me and departed from me. His kiss filled me with Fire, and I walked down the hill, centered in the desire to share with all mankind the Light which I had received.


  1. I was carried away in a vision to the Land of Oubelseyael, which is situated between Libanos and Seneser. There I saw a body of people united in the True Order of Prayer. The Lord Jehovah stood in the middle of them, but they could not see him, for their faces were veiled.

  2. I asked the holy angel who stood near me, "Why are their faces veiled so that they cannot see the Lord Jehovah standing among them?"

  3. The angel replied, "Because they belong to the physical plane, their eyes are blinded by the veil of darkness so that they cannot perceive the Light which is among them. Only when they receive that gnosis which will tear off the veil, will they be able to see that which is real. Teach them, Enoch; help them rip off the veil and bask in the radiant Light of Truth."

  4. Then I was lifted up to the heavenly plane, where I saw the abode of the cherubim. Its walls, roof, and floor were all of crystal, as were its surroundings. Its roof flashed with fire, and a flame burned around its walls. Its entrance, also, was a gate of fire. When I entered this dwelling, it was hot as fire, and cold as ice.

  5. Looking beyond this abode, I saw another habitation, more spacious than it. Its entrance was open before me, and it was enveloped in a vibrating flame. So greatly did it excel the first in every way, that it is impossible to even compare the two.

  6. But what was my surprise to be led to a third dwelling, greater than the former two combined. Attentively I surveyed it, and I saw within it a glowing seat of power. From beneath this seat of power, flowed rivers of flaming fire. On the seat of power, sat two radiant Beings, whose robes were brighter than the sun, and whiter than anything in creation. Surrounding them were the sanctified, who had been saved out of all the creations of the Eloheim. These continually praised them who sat on the seat of power, centering in their radiant Light, but they did not give counsel to the Beings who sat on the seat of Light, for they needed none.

  7. I stood in their presence, trembling at their majesty, but one of them spoke to me. "Approach us, Enoch," he instructed, "and hear our holy word." Then I was lifted up, and approached their seat of power, but I hardly dared look at them. One of them spoke to me again. "Look at us, Enoch," she said, "for we are the Eloheim, male and female, even as we have begotten mankind in our own likeness. But this is the great secret, Enoch. We are not different from each other, but different manifestations of the same reality. The Eloheim are Eloheim; they may appear to you to be male or female, but if they were either, they would be halves, not whole, and wholeness is the attribute of Deity. The Eloheim are not male or female, but Eloheim. The sanctified are not male or female, but sanctified. All of mankind are incomplete, as long as they view themselves as male or female, for half of their reality is veiled from them. You must see beyond the illusion of separateness to the essential oneness of Being, in order to perceive Truth. Until then, you cannot relate, in a proper manner, with the rest of creation. Look at us, Enoch, and perceive Truth." Then they opened up to me a great mystery, and I saw the meaning of what I had heard.


  1. There is a great impropriety among mankind, for they worship gods of darkness as though they were Light. It is the nature of mankind to call good bad, and to call bad good, to call Light darkness, and to call darkness Light.

  2. The gods of darkness should not be worshiped, for their power is only death and destruction. They cannot create; they can only destroy. They cannot heal; they can only make ill. They cannot build up; they can only break down. They have no power of Life, but only of death. Their power is temporary; it will disappear, for destruction ends in re-creation, illness ends in healing, breaking down ends in rebuilding, and death ends in resurrection.

  3. The work of the Gods of Light may falter, but it never dies. The work of the gods of darkness may appear to triumph, but it never endures.

  4. Worship only the Eternal Father and Mother of Lights, for in them centers all power for good, and they will remain forever.


  1. There are seven archangels who preside, under the Godhead, over all the affairs of mankind.

  2. The first is Michael, who stands at the head of all humanity. He was the first of mankind, and from him have proceeded all nations. He is the Lord of Spirits, the Ancient of Days, the Exalted Man, who creates order from chaos and Light from darkness.

  3. The second is Raphael, who presides over the world of spirits, where dwell the dead, who have not been resurrected. He holds keys of death and life, of healing power, of health and strength.

  4. The third is Gabriel, who presides over the dispensations of the Priesthood. He watches over the cherubim, the seraphim, and the serpents who inherit the Light of the Firstborn.

  5. The fourth is Raguel, who presides over those who have been lifted to worlds of Light. He is the father of the Faithful Multitude and the prototype of that Way of Life that leads to unity with the Eloheim.

  6. The fifth is Uriel, who reaches out to those who stumble in the Path of Life, leading them to a place of rest, where they can be strengthened before continuing their journey.

  7. The sixth is Saraqael, or Phanuel, who saves the penitent from darkness, so that they can live among the Eloheim in realms of Light.

  8. The seventh is Remiel, who will lead mankind to the resurrection, preparing everything for the descent of the Son of Man in radiant Light. He is the Testator, who bears witness of the Father and Mother, and of their Divine Son. Through him, everything will be restored before the end of time.


  1. My eyes were opened to see into the world of spirits, where the those who have died abide until they are resurrected. I found myself in total and absolute darkness. I could see nothing, but all around me were cries of intense suffering and despair.

  2. Then a Being of Light stood beside me. "I am the Archangel Raphael," he said. "You are in the world of spirits, the realm of the dead."

  3. "What is the meaning of this darkness and suffering?" I inquired.

  4. The angel replied, "These are the sons of Perdition, who have sold their souls to darkness. They know the Way of Life; it has been perfectly revealed to them, but they have rejected Light and embraced darkness. Darkness has neither joy nor peace in it. It is horror and despair, anger and vengeance, hatred and fear. These negativities take possession of their souls, so that they must dwell in this horror of darkness, until they find release through Eternal oblivion. Only on these does the second death have any power."

  5. We moved upward into another realm. Here, too, there was suffering, but not despair. "This is hell," said my guide. "These are suffering the pains of the errors which they have followed, but their suffering is purifying them, until they will be prepared to dwell in a world of Light. These will come up in the second resurrection, but they will not be lost."

  6. Again we rose to a higher plane. Here there was no suffering, but much chaos and confusion. "These were good people during their mortal existence," explained my guide, "who tried to live with honor, but did not find the Way of Life. Here, in the spirit prison, the Way will be preached by messengers from Paradise. If they will accept it at that time, the means will be given for them to enter into Paradise, where they will live in Jehovah’s Rest."

  7. Once more we rose, entering a place of Light and Peace. "This is Paradise," said the angel. "Here those who are centered in propriety, who have embraced the Way of Life, live in the Light of the Eloheim. These, being redeemed from the Fall, exist in that state which the Aadamah enjoyed in the Garden of Eden. These will inherit Eternal Life, for they will dwell with the Eloheim in the celestial worlds."

  8. Then I asked the angel, "How are these places separated one from another?"

  9. The Angel Raphael replied, "They are separated by water and Light, but when the blood of the Messiah has been shed, he will enter the world of spirits to bridge the chasm, and open Paradise to the penitent. Then they will pass through the water and the Light into the presence of the Eloheim."

  10. As my mind expanded to perceive the Love of the Highest Gods in preparing means for the salvation of all their children who are willing to be saved, I lifted my voice in praise. "Jehovah my Lord, God of Truth and Propriety, who reigns over all things forever, is awesome in the power of his Love!" I exclaimed. This is the way it is. Amen.


  1. I was caught up in another vision, in which I saw a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. My vision went onward to behold a magnificent garden, in the middle of which was an exquisite tree. I exclaimed at the desirability of the tree, and Michael, one of the holy Archangels, who presided over the others, asked me, "Enoch, why are you drawn to this tree? Why is your mind filled with questions concerning it?"

  2. "I desire to be instructed about everything," I replied, "but I especially want to know about this tree."

  3. Michael the Archangel answered, "The valley that you have seen is the place where the Ancient of Days will come, in the latter times, to gather his elect and prepare for the final period before the coming of the Son of Man. Those days will be a time of separation, for all mankind will hear the good news of salvation. Those who accept it will be sealed up to Life, while those who reject it will be sealed up to the destruction which they will create in their own lives.

  4. "The tree which you see in the middle of the Garden is the Tree of Lives. It represents the Love of the Eloheim for their children. At the Time of Evaluation, the fruit of this tree will be given to the elect. Then they will greatly rejoice, exulting in the Holy Ones. The power of that tree will permeate their souls, so that they will live forever in Light. Neither sorrow nor distress, trouble nor punishment, will have dominion over them again."

  5. Then I rejoiced in the Lords of Radiant Light, the Everlasting Gods, who prepared this tree for the saints and promised that they will partake of its superlative joy.


  1. The time will come when those who have lived quietly, according to Jehovah’s teachings, will be known throughout the earth. These will be elected because they have become like the Eloheim through following the principles that they have revealed.

  2. At that time, those who have rejected the salvation of the Lord of Spirits will also be revealed. Where can those find rest who refuse to accept it? It would have been better for them had they never been born.

  3. Then the secrets of those who are centered in propriety will be justified, for they will be seen to contain the power of salvation. The holy elect race will descend from the upper heavens to dwell with mankind on the earth. Those who rule the nations will no longer be free to oppress their people, for they will answer for their deeds before the tribunal of the Realm of the Eloheim. These rulers will not all be destroyed when the Holy City descends, but they will be subject to those who are holy and centered in propriety.

  4. All this I saw in vision, and I was lifted up to the heavenly planes, where I saw the saints and angels in the middle of the Eloheim, lifting up the prayers of mortals and supplicating in their behalf. Propriety and mercy flow through them to the earth, and that is how it will be forever.

  5. The holy and elect ones, who dwell in the middle of the Eloheim, are numberless. They dwell in the middle of Eternal Fire. Their mouths are full of blessing, and their lips increase the Light of the name of the Lord of Spirits, singing praises to him incessantly. Then I joined my praises with theirs, basking in the knowledge of the Eternal, lifted up in raptures until I could bear no more, and the vision departed from me.


  1. Those who watch over the elect neither slumber nor sleep. They are Infinite Beings, flowing in Eternal Love. It is their pleasure to reveal the secrets of Eternity to those who follow the Way of Truth and Gnosis.

  2. I have seen the angels praying in behalf of mortals and in behalf of the dead in the world of spirits, rebuking the satans in their behalf. I have seen them supplicating the Elect One and the Lord of Spirits in behalf of the elect who call on their names.

  3. Once I was taken to the Garden of Propriety, where I saw three trees of surpassing beauty. I said to the angel who stood by me, "What is the meaning of these trees of such great beauty?"

  4. The angel replied, "These three trees are of great value to mortals. The first is the Tree of Understanding. It gives the ability to perceive the reality in every situation. Those who eat the fruit of this tree will not be deceived by the illusions of darkness, for they will see through them, as one looks through a window to see what is beyond it.

  5. "The second tree is the Tree of Gnosis. Those who eat of the fruit of this tree will learn the principles of Light and Truth. They will learn the Signs and the Words of Power. They will be armed against the forces of darkness, so that they have power to overcome all their enemies.

  6. "The third tree is the Tree of Sophia. Those who eat the fruit of this tree will perceive how to apply their knowledge to overcome the darkness and strengthen the Light.

  7. "Seek the fruit of these three trees, Enoch, for everyone who eats from them will overcome all his enemies and be saved among the Eloheim."


  1. I have contemplated this creation of the Eloheim that surrounds me. I marvel at its complexity, its harmony, its essential unity. Each element of creation depends on every other. All work together to form a perfect whole. Of all creation, only humans upset the balance of the Earthly Mother. They mar the perfect creation of the Lords of Light.

  2. Nevertheless, the Creators guards their creation, and they will preserve it from the depredations of mankind. In the end, they will restore it to its pristine purity. As often as I consider these things, I bless the Lords of Light, who have created such great and radiant wonders, manifesting their power before angels, spirits and mortals, so that they can see the effects of their power, praise the great work of their hands, and bless them forever. Amen.


  1. When the Congregation of Those Who are Centered in Propriety appears, descending from the heavenly planes, those who are centered in darkness will be evaluated and the error of their choices will be revealed. Those, who will not change, will be banished from the face of the earth.

  2. When the Proper One appears, the eyes of those who are centered in propriety will see him, for their eyes have been opened through following those principles revealed from the Lord of Spirits. Light is discerned by the elect, who are centered in propriety while they dwell on the mortal plane, for their souls are enlightened by the Eternal.

  3. When the earth is transformed to become the abode of those who are centered in propriety, where will those who are centered in darkness find a place to dwell on it? Where will those reside who deny the Lord of Spirits and reject the salvation of his Holy One? If they do not change their manner of life, they will be banished to worlds of darkness. It would have been better for them if they had never been born.

  4. When the time comes that the secrets of those who are centered in propriety will be revealed to all who remain on the earth, when those who are centered in darkness have been evaluated and banished from the presence of the elect, who are centered in propriety, then those who possess the earth will be powerful and exalted; they will dwell among the Eloheim. The Lord of Spirits will fill them with his Light, and they will rejoice with him forever. These holy ones, who are centered in propriety, will receive all things into their hands, and they will reign as priests and rulers on the sanctified earth.


  1. I saw in vision the dwellings of the holy ones, the resting places of those who are centered in propriety. I saw the abode of the angels who are centered in propriety, who petition, intercede, and pray for mortals. Holy power flows through them like a river, and mercy drips from them, like drops of dew, to water the lives of those who dwell in mortality.

  2. I saw also the Elect One, the Source of Propriety and Faith, who sits in the shadow of the Lord of Spirits. All who follow his Way will be made strong. They will become flames of Fire, radiating Light in the darkness, and their mouths will be a source of blessing to all who follow the Truth. They will extol the name of the Lord of Spirits and worship before his seat of power.

  3. I long to be with them, to worship before the Lord of Spirits and his Elect One, but I have received the promise of the Holy Ones, through the Priesthood of my Ancestors, that I will come to that exalted place, and with that I am content. I praise and extol the name of the Lord of Spirits, for he has promised me blessing and Light in his presence forever, and his promises never fail. I know that I will join those who surround his seat of power in singing, "Holy! Holy! Holy! is the Lord of Spirits, who fills the mortal plane with his spirit children and leads all, who will come, to Light in his presence forever. Amen.


1. A hymn to Sophia:

2. Sophia found no place where she could dwell,

Until a dwelling was prepared for her on the heavenly plane.

Sophia descended to dwell among mortals on the mortal plane,

But she found no one to receive her;

She returned to her place among the Holy Ones.

3. Folly left her home to go on a journey.

She was not seeking a place to dwell,

But many opened their doors to her;

They drew her to themselves,

Like rain in a desert, or dew in a thirsty land.


  1. This is the vision I saw concerning those who deny the name of the Lord of Spirits and reject their dwelling in his realm because they will not follow his Elect One. To the heavenly realm they will not ascend, and on the earth they will not come.

  2. On that day when the Elect One will sit on his seat of power to test their works, they will find their place in darkness.

  3. But the souls of those who have followed Jehovah’s Way will be strengthened at that time, when they see the elect gathered around his seat of power. Then will the Elect One dwell among them. The earth will be transformed into a sea of Light. Those who are centered in propriety will dwell on it forever, but those who are centered in darkness, who followed impropriety, will not set foot on it. Those who are centered in propriety will inherit Eternal Peace, but those who refuse Life will die the second death.


  1. Once I was lifted up to see the Ancient of Days. His head was white like wool, and his eyes were flaming fire.

  2. With him was another, whose face radiated Divine Love.

  3. I asked the angel, who was with me, who this one was and why he accompanied the Ancient of Days. "He is the Source of Propriety," he replied, "for he will justify all those who follow his Way. It is he who reveals the hidden gnosis that opens the gates to the realm of the Ancient of Days. He will come to earth at the end of time to govern all the nations and establish the Reign of Peace. Through him will the humble and penitent find rest for their souls in Eternal Light."

  4. This is our hope and our promise, for the world is filled with darkness and evil, but the Son of Man will come to show the Way of Life and generate the power of the atonement. Then he will return, with the Ancient of Days, to banish darkness forever and create a world of Eternal Light. That world is our inheritance, if we unite ourselves to him. I, Enoch, have seen it, and I know that it is true, and I rejoice in the promise that I will be with my Savior at that time. Amen.

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